Plane Geometry 
Mr. Sokolewicz

Typical Class Day:

Normal Class Day Test Day
Review Homework 10 - 15 minute test review
Lecture 1 hr to take test (tests are designed for 45 min)
Classroom Exercises / Worksheets 
Review Answers to Above 
Receive Homework Assignment 

Class Rules:

  • Cheating:

    • 1st Offense: Fail for the evaluation period

    • 2nd Offense: Fail the course

  • Cut Class:

    • 1st Offense: Fail for the evaluation period

    • 2nd Offense: Fail the course

  • Absences / Lates: each 3 instances will lower grade


  • Administered at the end of each chapter. Students are usually given at least one week’s notice. If a student misses a test, he has 3 school days to make it up. If he fails to do so after 3 days, he will be given a grade of 0.

Extra Credit:

  • There is none. If a student is doing his work, he doesn’t need any. If he isn’t doing his work, why should I give him more to not do? So please, don’t ask.

Extra Help:

  • Available during office hours. Students may also seek out other math teachers. Mrs. Lamourt is also available in the CDC.

Periodic Evaluation (2 per course): These are the teacher’s evaluation of the student’s progress to that point of the course.


  • Point equivalencies are as follows:

  • 65 - 76: C

  • 77 - 88: B

  • 89 - 100: A


  • Each student will be given a book the first day of class. He should keep this book home all semester to use for homework and study. There will be ample books in class. This book then becomes his admission ticket the FINAL EXAM. Failure to bring this book to the exam means the student will need to replace the book before he can take the exam. $75

Final Grade:

  • Composite grade of the entire course - a “running total” so to speak. It is possible for a student to fail an evaluation period and still pass the course (and vice-versa).

Final Exam:

  • Cummulative review of the entire course. The exam is graded Pass/Fail. The student must pass this exam, in addition to passing the course in order to advance to Algebra II. The student may take this exam as many times as he needs in order to pass it.